Maisie Curry

Maisie Curry

  • Age: 8
  • Media use at home – Type: Tablet
  • Media use at home – Frequency: ★★★★★
  • Current use assistive technology:
  • Diagnose: Cerebral Palsy

Was born with dystonic-spastic cerebral palsy. It has a pattern of extension of the upper limbs with reduced voluntary activity. Is a very willing and communicative child.

Capacities to support

Due to the increased muscle tone and the extension pattern of the upper limbs, she has difficulty grasping objects and performing active movements.

Advice for Assistive Technology:

Big Mack switch

Description The BIGmack is a simple communicator that has lots of uses! Record up to a 2 minute message and press the large activation surface for playback. (source: Manuals – online support Where to find & pricing Indicative price: $ 135.00 Instruction/information video

Permobil Compact Joystick Lite

Description The Compact Joystick Lite provides a light force, reduced throw option in a compact package making it ideal for chin control applications. It also includes ports for remote on/off and mode functions.Windows Speech Recognition makes using a keyboard and mouse optional. You can control your PC with your voice and dictate text instead.(source: […]

Eye control

Description The eye control function makes it possible to control the computer screen with eye gaze. This means, when you are reading, you can move from page to page using the pupils of your eyes. Manuals – online support Where to find & pricing Start Menu > Settings > Ease of Access > Eye control […]

Mini Joystick with Push

Description Four switches are activated by moving the joystick in four directions. The fifth is activated by pressing down on the joystick shaft. Two tips included: flexible rubber and hard plastic. Tactile and auditory feedback. (source: Manuals – no manuals available Where to find & pricing Indicative price: 355 dollar Instruction/information video – […]

Big Red

Description The Big Red switch provides a large 5-in/12.7-cm activation surface that activates with 5.5-oz/156-g of force. When activated, the user experiences tactile and auditory feedback. The Big Red switch is the best choice for individuals with visual impairments and/or physical disabilities that require a larger target area. Included are red, blue, yellow, and green […]