Hannah Barber

Hannah Barber

  • Age: 6
  • Media use at home – Type: Tablet
  • Media use at home – Frequency: ★★★
  • Current use assistive technology:
  • Diagnose: non-verbal learning disabilities

Hannah presents a global delay in development, evident at the motor and language level. Demonstrates non-verbal communication skills, although limited. Hannah is very communicative and enjoys interacting with others.

Capacities to support

Difficulty in performing fine forceps (using the pen / pencil). Performs only the global.

Advice for Assistive Technology:

Chester mouse

Description A small computer mouse with no scroll wheel, about half the size of a standard mouse with one large green button that serves as the left-click. Helps young users or anyone just learning mouse skills understand what the left button does on a mouse without the fear of opening menus, etc. (source: https://www.ablenetinc.com/chester-mouse/) Manuals […]

Big Mack switch

Description The BIGmack is a simple communicator that has lots of uses! Record up to a 2 minute message and press the large activation surface for playback. (source: https://www.ablenetinc.com/bigmack/) Manuals – online support Where to find & pricing https://www.ablenetinc.com/bigmack/ Indicative price: $ 135.00 Instruction/information video

Eye control

Description The eye control function makes it possible to control the computer screen with eye gaze. This means, when you are reading, you can move from page to page using the pupils of your eyes. Manuals – online support Where to find & pricing Start Menu > Settings > Ease of Access > Eye control […]

Clevy keyboard

Description The Clevy Keyboard is an attractively designed keyboard, designed to help teach writing and keyboard skills to young children. Its design also makes the Clevy Keyboard very suitable for keyboard users with a wide array of special needs. (source: https://clevy.com/products/clevy-keyboard) Manuals – no manuals available Where to find & pricing https://clevy.com/store-locator Indicative price: 99,5 […]