Cassian Hart

Cassian Hart

  • Age: 16
  • Media use at home – Type: Tablet, Smartphone
  • Media use at home – Frequency: ★★
  • Current use assistive technology: Tablet
  • Diagnose: intellectual disability

Diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. He currently resides at home with his parents.
He had his first seizure episode at 6 months of age, having been diagnosed at 12 months with Diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. A hemisphere was performed at 2 years of age, which resulted in motor sequele of the left hemibody and mild cognitive impairment. He was followed up in epilepsy, neurology and psychiatry consultations

Capacities to support

Hemiparesis of the MSE, with abduction capacity and slight flexion and extension of the shoulder, slight flexion and extension of the elbow and with onset of supination movement of the forearm wrist and fingers extension not effective. Tendency to neglect the affected limb.

Advice for Assistive Technology:

Chester mouse

Description A small computer mouse with no scroll wheel, about half the size of a standard mouse with one large green button that serves as the left-click. Helps young users or anyone just learning mouse skills understand what the left button does on a mouse without the fear of opening menus, etc. (source: Manuals […]

Spec Switch

Description With a 13/8-in/3.5-cm activation surface, the Specs switch is small enough to be worn, but is most often used as a mounted switch. The Specs switch includes a space saving flush base and a strap base for mounting around items. (source: Manuals – download manual Where to find & pricing Indicative price: […]

Jelly bean

Description The Jelly Bean switch features a 2.5-in/6.4-cm activation surface and is recommended for users who are able to access a smaller target area. Switch tops can be removed and replaced with the color of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green. Also includes a clear snap cap for symbol use. It’s all up to […]

Change in surface sensitivity

Advice for Assistive Technology: 

Difficulty in calculating capacity (eg counting money)

Animation/ background

Description Minimize visual distractions by turning off animations, background images, and more. (source:,under%C3%82%20Simplify%20and%20personalize%20Windows) Manuals – online support Where to find & pricing Start Menu > Settings > Ease of Access > Display > Simplify and personalize Windows Free Instruction/information video