Adam Ljung

Adam Ljung

  • Age: 39
  • Media use at home – Type: Laptop, Smartphone
  • Media use at home – Frequency: ★★★★★
  • Current use assistive technology: Touchscreen Monitor, Siri – macOS
  • Diagnose: Learning

Adam Ljung lives south of Gothenburg, Sweden, with his parents and sister Ida. He graduated from a special education school a year earlier. He now visits a day care center four days a week and works in a tiny café. He’ll most likely be moving into an apartment in a building with utility and communal areas soon. Adam is a fitness lover. He still attends home games with his father. He also loves cooking and can adopt basic recipes on his own. Adam was diagnosed with a learning disability at birth. He needs more time to comprehend or experience new things, as well as to articulate himself. He has learned to read and write, but he can only handle simple messages and isn’t quite sure how to pronounce words correctly.

Capacities to support

He needs extra time to understand or learn new things and to express himself.

Advice for Assistive Technology: